All of our fresh goat cheese starts with the highest quality milk from our herd of healthy dairy goats.

The milk is pasteurized, which is a requirement for an cheese aged less than 60 days. Cheese cultures and a vegetable enzyme are added, after which, time is allowed to take its course and the milk separates into curds and whey.

Some of the curd is hand-ladled into specific molds that give them their unique shape; these incluse our plain, fresh garlic and cracked peppercorn, and herbes de provence. They look great on a cheese board and are the perfect offering when you desire a more finished look. The process of hand-ladling takes longer, but we believe the effort is well worth the end result: a cheese to be proud of!

Our second, less formal, type is served in a six-ounce container and the cheese is double'whipped to a spreadable consistency. Whipping the cheese makes it easy to spread onto a bagel, crostini, crackers, or a lettuce leaf. We offer flavors that are both savory and sweet.

Feta cheese is enjoyed all over the world. In Greece, its place of origin, it is made with goat milk, sheep milk, or a combination of the two. Giggling Goat Dairy is proud to offer a traditional and delicious Feta, made completely from goats' milk.

Our milk is tested monthly and is certified wholesome and free of hormones and antibiotics.

All of our cheeses are handcrafted to ensure that each individual cheese is exceptional in flavor and meets our high quality standards.

Contact Details:

Giggling Goat Dairy, LLC
P.O. Box 6
Dublin, PA 18917


Farm visits by appointment only.

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